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Meet Rebecca Eldredge


When Rebecca was just five years old, she expressed her desire to be a teacher and with her parents’ encouragement, she followed her dreams and has been teaching at Hanahau`oli School since 1991. Rebecca is also a recent addition to the HSTE board.

Rebecca grew up the youngest of four daughters. As the daughter to a marine biologist father and a domestic engineer mother, she spent a great deal of time exploring the outdoors, marveling at the beach or tidepools, crafting, or building forts in the jungles of Guam. Rebecca developed a love for science at an early age.  

This aligned well with her first role in education; Rebecca started as a science teacher. She has also worked as a  2nd/3rd grade multiage teacher as well as a Technology Coordinator and Technology/Integration Specialist. Rebecca is currently one of the 4th/5th grade multiage classroom teachers.

Q & A with Rebecca

Q :  How did you first get involved in HSTE? What made you want to join?

A :  Many years ago I began facilitating Hawaii Association for Independent Schools’ (HAIS) Technology Coordinator meetings when Pat Quinn at HAIS retired and Bill Wicking moved to the Big Island. This led me to meet many wonderful and inspiring educators from around the state. I became involved in the initial discussions with Phil Bossert, Mark Hines, and others, that led to the Schools of the Future Initiative/Grants from the Hawaii Community Foundation and HAIS that was to transform teaching and learning in Hawaii’s schools. When HSTE formed I joined because I saw how staying connected and collaborating with others helped me to be a better educator.


Q : If we were to catch you on a weekend, what would you most likely be doing?

A : In my free time I’m catching up with friends, hiking, at the beach, or reading a good book.

Q : What is your favorite food?

A :  My absolute favorite food Thai! But I love all kinds of food really. I took Thai cooking classes years ago so I could learn to make all my favorite dishes. My latest find is Argentinian food at the Farmers’ Market.


Q : Why do you think tech integration is important for students?

A : I believe that seamlessly integrating technology helps to motivate students in the learning process. It makes learning fun and exciting too.


Q : If you could be any object in the world, what would you be and why?

A :  Any object? Just one? Hmmm, I think being an inspirational quotes book would be great because I would get to encourage and motivate others.


Q : What is one thing you’ve done at your school that you’re proud of?

A : Two things: I have been the Robotics Coach and I have launched ‘Hour of Code’ to several classes at Hanahau`oli where older students then share coding with younger ones.


Q : Any advice for other educators getting involved in technology integration?

A :  Students are going to want to use technology as they are growing up with it and don’t know a world without it. Make it purposeful and meaningful. Have them go beyond being a consumer of technology, but become creators of the technology ... Consider project/inquiry-based learning in your classroom. Kids love it and really enjoy learning this way.


Q : Any other information you’d like to share?

A :  I have a ‘tech-spert’ board in my classroom where students can list their tech-expertise on various software/apps available, so that others can call on them for help. I have found resources like these to be both empowering and motivating for students.

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