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Shane Asselstine

2019 President Welcome

On behalf of the HSTE 2019 Board, I want to wish our membership a very happy new year!

It is an honor and a privilege to take on the role of President of the Hawaii Society for Technology in Education (2019). Working with this organization for the past several years, I have truly been inspired by the passion and desire from so many dedicated educators serving on the board. I would like to personally thank my predecessor, Nathaniel Evslin, for his guidance and leadership throughout 2018. I would also like to extend my gratitude for the the tireless efforts and commitment of Melissa Handy.

Welcome to 2019, where we are embracing the theme of Moving Forward! In our first meeting of the year, the sense of excitement and energy coming from everyone was contagious. One of the top priorities for the board was a renewed sense of focus. Before making any decisions about this year, we worked on a revising the vision and mission statement. With this rebranding, we will be coming out with a new logo for HSTE, one that will reflect our values and goals, while still being true our Hawaiian culture. In an effort to reconnect with our membership, we are moving forward by making HSTE more visible in the community and around the state. First is to provide support for the five EdCamp conferences held throughout the islands. We are looking to follow this up with a focused effort on providing meaningful, engaging professional development to our membership. Keep an eye out for the offerings this year by visiting the HSTE website.

With every passing year, the board members say aloha to those that will be leaving us and those that will be joining us. This year, we would like to thank the following board members for their service and wish them well on future endeavors

  • Melissa Handy (Past-president)

  • Dr. Lisa Mirales

  • Dr. Kimble McCann

  • Elizabeth Garrison

  • Karen Miller

Please join me in welcoming this years incoming board members. This year, we have more neighbor island board members than we have ever had before. I am looking forward to working with these very talented and committed individuals.

  • Janet Powell (Kauai)

  • Tami Saito (Maui)

  • Peter K. Hansen (Maui)

  • Jill Shwindler (Maui)

  • Shaunessy Denton (Kauai)

  • Justin Brown (Big Island)

  • Sarah Milianta (Oahu)

So with that, I want to bring this to a close by challenging you, our membership, to take that step and get engaged. Feel free to contact us, bring in a new members, find out how you can get involved, and help us Move Forward!

Shane Asselstine

2019 President, Hawaii Society for Technology in Education

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